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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  September 15, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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here are the stories we are following for you. developing right now, a blast in south jersey leveled half a block after construction crews hit a gas line, and septa is helping people to prepare for the pope, the new tool online helping people living and staying outside of city. >> and it was a heart breaking for the eagles, they finally got a leg up and then let it slip through their hands. >> right now we are following developing news out of salem county, new jersey, where an explosion leveled several buildings, chopper 6 hd flew over the scene, gas build up in a basement and later exploded. this is a new photo from a "action news" viewer, roxanne, she september this picture when the house was fully engulfed in flames. we'll continue to update the
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story on air and online at meanwhile, pope francis does not arrive for another ten days but traffic and parking is expected to be tough starting early next week, now city officials have a new tool to help people navigate the closures and get where they need to go, john rawlins spoke with transit officials today and he is live in center city with more on the story. >> hi rick, well there is frustration expressed over the last couple of months, with the lack of clear meaningful information and why is that road closed. this is a story about news you can use, this is released today especially if you are going be a rider of septa's trains on the papal weekend, at this point, 115,000 people have tickets to travel on septa trains, standing at a wall size computer display, we are shown the new interactive
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map available online, it gives travellers color coded information for all stations that will be in use. the red dotted line means road closed, the royal blue is drop-off. this is pembroke in landsdale. >> can you drop off there and then a short walk to the train station. >> coming soon information about the center city stops, like jefferson street. the idea is to give people as much information as possible to get around safely, we have an interactive map on our website, you can select the station where you purchased your ticket from and when you click on it, it has everything that is designed from septa, the township and the police departments, from that municipalities to make your job easier, we show drop off points and parking if it's available. we tested the maps and it's
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pretty straight forward, if you invest five to ten minutes you can get an idea where parking and road closures are and if parking is available. it's straight forward and easy to lose, we'll have a link on our website at >> john thank you. a local teenager is now charged with plotting an attack on pope francis, the suspect is a 15-year-old boy that lives in trenton, the boy was arrested last month for plotting an isis inspired assault, including firearms and explosives, abc news report there's was no imminent plan of action but there are questions about the boy's mental health, law enforcement says there is no specific credible threats to the pope during his visit to the united states. can you find all papal related
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updates on our papal related twitter account. follow 6 abc pope. investigators are on the scene of a large fire that started at a center city restaurant under construction, flames broke out at 15th and chancellor streets, firefighters arrived on the scene and the construction site was destroyed by the flames, they hope that surveillance cameras will help them figure out how the blaze started. >> a search for a suspect in philadelphia continues at this hour. this was the scene this morning at 23rd and montrose street. a man suffered multiple gunshot wuns and the victim dies two hours later at the hospital, they found ten spent shell casings and four parked cars were also struck by the bullets.
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members of a new york fraternity face charges for a hazing death in the poconos back in 2013, 18-year-old chun michael dang died after suffering a brain injury during a ritual in 20, monroe county prosecutors charged five members and the fraternity with criminal homicide, more than 30 other members are charged with hazing, they said that dang ran through a glauntlet blindfolded with a backpack and fell unconscious. >> they should have did something more, they should have definitely did something more, they were probably having a good time and the good time went too far. >> two men are wanted for pulling off a 50,000 jewelry heist in south jersey, they
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robbed royal jewellers are on the 2300 block of south 23rd street. one man was armed with a knife and no one in the store was hurt, the robbers were last spotted with a paper license tag. southwest detectives are looking for an armed thief that stormed into a west philadelphia gas station, this is surveillance video from inside of the citco, from lancaster avenue, the suspect walked in and pointed a gun at the clerk and demappeded money, the clerk opened the register and stepped back and let the suspect take the cash, the thief then walked out and the clerk was not hurt. >> a pleasant week continues. as we look live at sky 6 hd, showing you the center city skyline and bright blue skies be very few clouds. meteorologist, david murphy, is outside with another update from accuweather. hey david.
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>> reporter: outside is the place to be, low humidity and a light breeze but not as windy as yesterday, as you look up and down the mid-atlantic region, 78 in philadelphia, 78 in new york city, 79 in washington and even down richmond, 77 degrees and pittsburgh 73, 2:0081 and by 4:00, 82, we'll get a high of 83 between that, and by 6:00 back into the upper 70s and mid-70s by 8:00 and 66 by 10:00. getting cooler later tonight. well if are you traveling out west of denver showers and florida showers, but the rest of the current really looks tranquil, there are no major delays reported at any of our most traveled destinations, that includes orlando. perhaps a little later in the afternoon they'll have showers. nice outside across the region,
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sunshine and you are a-okay and ready to go. >> thank you. the republican candidates for president are gearing up for their second debate, when they first metamor than a month ago, donald trump has had a slight edge and he has a larger margin now, kenneth moton is live in washington, d.c. with more on the story. >> reporter: round two, 16 republican candidates are prepping for tomorrow's crucial debates, the smaller one and then the main event, we are expecting slashes but the confrontations happened outside of a donald trump campaign event. the countdown is on and the political punches are getting harder. >> even hillary clinton is chiming in with her own donald trump impersonation. >> i don't tell you anything, when i get there, peace will be
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everywhere, we'll have the new age. >> inside the home of the dallas maveric mavericks, trump continues to be a political maverick, climbing in the polls and continuing his tough talk on immigration and a city where half of the population is hispanic. >> we have to build a wall. and a wall works. >> inside trump rallied, outside of the arena -- the trump protesters clashed with those against immigration. >> separating a lot of us, separating a lot of americans that you know we don't need to do that, we don't need separation right now. >> gop outsiders and ben carson
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are on top, this week abc's news poll, trump 23% and carson 20%. and now a new york time poll has them at a virtual tie. kenneth moton, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you kenneth. it was a heart breaking night for eagles fans last night. >> that is right the birds staged a come back in the second half but they let their small lead slip away. sam bradford connected with demarco murray for a such down in the third but they did not lead the game until the fourth quarter and the falcons answered right back, a missed field goal and an interception clinched the deal for the falcons. the team could use work but it's still early in the season. >> have you to keep the faith, as phillies fans you have to keep the faith, you have to believe in chip. >> other fans hope that eagles
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can turn things around before the home opener against the cowboys at the linc on sunday. what police think cause this bus to careen off the road killing two students. and why a mother took a major company to court over a youtube video and the rules in the case.
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two students were killed weapon a school bus went under an overpass. another car struck the bus and caused it to careen off the road. the leaders of germany and austria, are calling a summit
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how to -- it is now detaining refugees that try to enter illegally, it caused chaos at the border, as hundreds of refugees crowded the area. with the nfl season in full swing, fantasy sports is the target of critics and they say it's gambling and needs to be regulating, many sites promise big winnings for picking the winners of single games. one new jersey lawmaker says the practice is spiraling out of control. >> how is it difference than sports betting. >> someone gets hurt it's luck but if it's coming down to that day, then it's actually harder to win at daily fantasy than it is for season long fantasy. >> more than 50,000 people in
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the united states and canada play the fantasy sports. they want to see new laws for betting and taxes. a new law is handed down after a pennsylvania mother took on a media giant in court, it started with a video she posted of her toddler dancing on youtube. >> it's the kind of video millions of parents post to youtube every day, this video is at the center of a legal battle pitting stephanie lynns against universal music group. universal music claiming that the music he is dancing too prince's lets go crazy is protected by copyright laws and stephanie lynn violated it when she posted this to youtube in
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2007 and they demanded that youtube pull it down. >> i didn't like being accused of something i didn't do. so the mother sued them. >> on monday a federal appeals court sided with lynn, and rule that universal should have considered lynn's right first. ryan smith, abc news new york.
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another check of the accuweather forecast, david say popular guy this week, it's nice you get all the credit. >> you have all the makings of a star -- bucks employee. >> stop it you. the next time it rains i'll be running for cover chbl stormtracker 6 live double scan we are showing nothing of the sort on radar now, as we look outside the action cam in wilmington with a couple of nice
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pictures from the noon broadcast from the wilmington area and lots of blue skies above, and that is still the case, good eye lights, we are in the 80s after the 70s yesterday and tomorrow the high 80s and staying there for several days, 78 in philadelphia, comfortable with that low dew point, well below the 60 degree threshold for humid air and the winds which are rather breezy and blustery are calm in philadelphia. the closest major formation of cloud cover well off to the north as the storm system continues to push away from us, and that brings us bright blue skies and warm conditions. 83 in reading and 82 and trenton 82 and millville 72 and the shore we'll stop in the upper 70s but a pleasant afternoon at the boardwalk and beach. in philadelphia, 83 by 3:00, that is your high today, by 5:00
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we'll hold on to the low 80s and by 5:00, 76 degrees, and low 60s by dawn tomorrow morning, heading into the phillies it's light wind and dying sunshine and 76 degrees on the field and it will get cooler by the mid-60s, there are many are september contests where you bring along a jacket and add layers as the temperatures drop. high pressure is in control during the week and we see summertime conditions. we are still looking at really high temperatures and conditions that are a throw back to a few weeks ago. a jet stream well off to the north, it won't be a whole change from now until then, i want to mention we are in the low to medium range, accuweather has a concern because of the dry, hot conditions in august,
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ragweed itself will be late in developing and the next couple of weeks and september and october ragweed could be more of a problem, if you tend to suffer from late seasonal guys, make sure you keep the medications haney. 83 is your high and 83 on wednesday and thursday and more of the same on friday and saturday, a nice work week and nice start to the weekend, and on sunday the next frontal boundary comes through and kicked off cloud cover and sunny breaks, wherever you have a front riding through it makes you think of precipitation, this one however looks moists your starved. we'll allow for a sprinkle our shower on saturday, but it won't be a washout that is good news for the eagles and union. >> good news for us too. topping up people scene, "dancing with the stars" is back and many celebrities showed they are in it to win it. alicia vitarelli is here with
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the hits and misses. 13 stars and spectacular talent and a red hot dance floor, it hardly looked like week one with so many celebrities bringing their a game right out of the gate. "dancing with the stars" returned with a bang, for season 21 and one celebrity stood out on the dance floor, ♪ ♪ >> bindy irwin told us last week she was worried about the judges but last night she shined. crocodile rock and all. bindy and derek hough scored 24 out of 30 and is getting big support from the show's alums. we caught up with some for the miss america competition sfwli love bindy, she is adorable. we met bindy last year and to see her on the show, her energy
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is amazing. >> bindy has competition, back street boys singer, nick carter. ♪ ♪ >> nick and partner shauna burges, scored 24 with their cha cha. >> who will be this season's champion dancing star? nick carter. >> last night jimmy kimmel predicted real win the whole thing. >> nick bring me the mirror ball trophy or you are a dead man. >> a tough night for chaka khan. she only earned 18 points and last place kim looked stiff and scared during her salsa. >> next week two star goes home
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during two nights of dancing on monday and tuesday. >> that is really, really a lot of tal enon the dance floor. >> a 12, you can only go up from there.
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david is here with a final check of the accuweather forecast. >> nice and sunny out there, warm and sunny, here are your high temperatures, from north to south. 82 degrees, and same in downingtown and in the central portion of the region, a lot of 82's and 83's in the area, down the shore we'll stay in the 70s but still a nice day with less wind than yesterday. >> thank you david. a look at stories coming up later this afternoon on "action
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news" at 4:00, how the social media service is helping condition dates raise more cash. and two drivers race through the streets of california in million dollar cars, the whole thing caught on camera, that on "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon.
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